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July 16, 2009
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Taxidermy IS Art Stamp by Lupen202 Taxidermy IS Art Stamp by Lupen202
Lol, was bored and wanted to try my hand at a stamp. Might update it later with a better version with better pictures, but you can use it if you want.

If you don't like taxidermy, I don't care really. Don't post rude comments.

EDIT: Sense people don't seem to understand what I mean by "Don't post rude comments"... I mean don't act like a little immature brat with anger issues. You can express how much you dislike, or even hate something without throwing a fit or using all caps. I know there are a lot of people who disapprove of this art form, and I'm not going to ask people not to express their opinion, I'm just asking people to express their opinion like a mature human being. It is possible, though it doesn't seem that way after reading some comments made by the various wolfaboos, etc. on this site.

EDIT AGAIN: If you like this version feel free to still fave/use it, but I've made a newer version.

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I approve of this message :D

but it can be really funny when they fail at it XD
this is a lion, HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED??? 
ThatRandomFurry Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I shall be very honest:

  I love Taxidermy. I love animals, I really do, but I also love Taxidermy. Why? Because I was able to fulfill about 50% of one of my goals: To feel a wolf's pelt, alive or Taxidermy- As long as it was real. But I also find it quite amazing, because you get to look close at realistic, lifelike, as-close-to-living-as-you-can-get animals without the problem of them running off. It's so cool. I've seen lots of creatures be taxidermed (<-- someone please provide me with the real word for past-tense Taxidermy). I love looking at it ^-^

StrandedCoyote Oct 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Those comment are a real gold mine
Ziblink Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
The comment 'Don't post rude comments' is a bit vague. It pays to have something stored away on your computer like your edit that you can copy\paste into any sensitive deviations you post. It saves a lot of effort and heartbreak.

pookyns-5 Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow the load of stupid comments on here is amazing. Hey haters! You guys don't have to like taxidermy but you CAN'T deny that it is art. I think it's funny that some on here are criticizing taxidermy YET admit they don't know the process. Go on youtube and watch some videos, there are plenty of examples!!

Taxidermy takes great skill. You have to take a tanned skin and a styrofoam form(or wrap the body), clay, glass eyes and you have to have great knowledge on the animal's anatomy, sculpting skills, painting skills and some sewing skills in order to make the animal appear alive rather then just some derpy looking corpse. On top of that you have to alter the forms you buy because not every animal is the same size, so you have to sit there and cut and trim or build up on it in order to make sure the skin fits just right.  It isn't easy. You either make it convincing or you fail.

So before some of you talk crap, learn about it first.
xnaturefreakx Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Time to disable comments!

some these kids are really pissing me off but I won't go off on them even though they are mainly rude ignorant people :/
I hate that people do not see taxidermy as an art, and do not even know what they are talking about or the huge effort that goes into it. "moulding a corpse" how ignorant can people be. but if it was a leather craft it would be deemed acceptable.


I approve of this stamp, but I could not deal with all the dumbasses
I'll admit that it is a form of art.
It takes a lot of talent, and skill, and an be inspiring, or useful?
Useful, for like, museums, I mean. 

Personally though, it's unnerving to me.
I can see the reason some like it, it just seems disrespectful to the animal to me.
I also just don't like the idea of having a dead animal, just...there?

However, some people do need to get off their high horse about bashing it.
It can be a rather nice profession, and once done right, can be beautiful. 
Wolves don't seem to have a problem leaving pieces of animal carcasses strewn about their densites.
No, but we're a a lot smarter than wolves. 
We bury or cremate are dead to respect them, and Taxidermy seems a bit disrespectful in that sense, because we're not letting the animal rest, completely. 
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